>In a culture where individuals would be more accurately described as “human-doers” as opposed to human-beings…I believe more than ever that it is time for the church to rescue this world from that oppressive mindset. Unfortunately, the church is in no position to help…for we are the ones more often than not that propagate such an existence. How did the church become so distant from the way of being that G_d desires for us?

As Christians we often spend a lot of time (too much time) talking and contrasting the difference between the Hebrew Text of Laws and the New Covenant and its freedom in grace (alone?)…ironically after we flaunt what we have – we revert back to the very way that we’ve quickly condemned! First we need to understand that the Torah was not a tool of rules and oppression – after all G_d just rescued the Israelites from slavery and oppression in order to make them a free nation…G_d did not follow this up by creating another oppressive regime to lord (pun intended) over the people! Rather I believe that G_d created a guide for living in freedom and community – that would be healthy and beneficial to everyone within the kingdom. This is why G_d (speaking through the Prophets) often told His people that He does not desire the sacrifices but rather desires their hearts! That doesn’t make the Law (Torah is a better way of saying this) bad…just dangerous if misunderstood about its intent for G_d’s people.

Grace is the same thing…Grace has always been offered…nobody believed that they could perfectly be obedient to Torah – each individual depended completely upon the grace of G_d for salvation and deliverance. Today we’ve rejected Torah (the Law) which was designed and delivered by G_d and have replaced it with our law or expectations of how people should live…what they should do…who they should become!

This is the part that is so dangerous – yet people have become so unaware of what we are doing…or is it denial?!? G_d gave us a way to live – Torah – we’ve rejected it and replaced it with our expectations…the way that we see fit for people to live. G_d’s way shapes us into the way of being that He prescribes and desires for us (Shalom) – our way turns us from that and removes us from a way of being and creates in us a way of doing.

I hear people often say that they don’t know what it is that G_d would have them do. Because we put the expectations of man into the mind of G_d. What if G_d were more interested in the way that we are being His kingdom as opposed to what we are doing? Granted when we begin to be the kingdom of G_d we also start doing kingdom work – but those are two very different ways!

The value of the Image of G_d within each of us is not what we do rather it is who we are – reflecting that Image to those around us.

One thought on “>Human-doers!?!

  1. >Ah… Don, this speaks so much to what I’ve been feeling. In reading your “stolen” book, Celtic Daily Prayer, I came across this…The world give itselfup to incessant activitymerely becauseit knows of nothingbetter.The inspired manworks amongits whirring wheelsalso; but he knowswhither the wheelsare going,for he has foundthe centrewhere all isstillness …Paul Brunton

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