Blessing and Sabbath (3.26)

Come in peace, crown of G_d,

Come with joy and cheerfulness,

Amidst the faithful, precious people…

Come, Beloved, meet the bride.

With wisdom Thou openest the gates of heaven…

Thou changest times…

Thou rollest away darkness before light…

Thou makest the distinction between day and night.

As read in Abraham Heschel’s, The Sabbath (pgs. 68, 69)


Growing up in the Protestant church I heard the term Sabbath quite a bit – though as a child I assumed it must be one of the most difficult things to obtain – I always heard the adults around me asking each other if they even had a Sabbath. What is this thing that people were trying to posses?

Some people were able to capture this elusive creature – but only rarely…and often, I gathered, for not very long. It seemed to me that a Sabbath needed to be wrangled pretty securely so as not to allow it to get away. Other people were just defeated and gave up ever trying to catch their own.

I knew that G_d commanded each person to have a Sabbath – we were even to make sure that everyone else around us had one as well. How could I distribute these, obviously, slippery fellas to everyone around me when I had never seen one in person?

This all became even more confusing when I’d read that even Jesus, seemingly, had great difficulty treating his Sabbath correctly!

As I got older and discovered that, though the Sabbath is elusive, slippery, difficult to obtain, and for everyone, it is one of the most beautiful things the LORD ever created. A place in time to just sit with the Father – to lean back against Him – to breathe in His presence – to give up building my kingdom for a day in order to find rest in His.

I pray that you would find the place in time that G_d has set aside for you and that you may know its abundance and share it with all those that surround you.

6 thoughts on “Blessing and Sabbath (3.26)

  1. Chris Wesolowski

    I can’t say that I’ve recently kept a Sabbath. I’ve never thought of the Sabbath as a day to be lazy or rest in that sense. I’ve looked at the Sabbath as time spent trying to understand God. Time spent away from the distractions of the world. I suppose I do that, but never on a designated day say Saturday or Sunday. My mother always kept the Sabbath on Saturday, as the Jews did, and used it as a time to discuss and study the Bible. I can’t say that I really enjoyed it lol. Obviously, I’m older now and enjoy studying but, the idea and “rest” of a true Sabbath has eluded me.

    1. For us (my family) we typically spend it together in one form or another…eating our meals together, watch a movie, play some games – we also take some time for ourselves and do something we each enjoy. Tana (my wife) and I work on some writing projects and study the Text together – trying to draw Malcolm into it as much as we can. We don’t participate in commerce from sundown on Friday until sundown on Saturday – we thought that that would be very difficult but it really hasn’t been.

      1. Chris Wesolowski

        Do you feel there is importance in the day you choose to practice on? I only ask because my employer works 7 days a week. I could chose Sunday or Saturday on a matter of preference. What do you think?

  2. I think that that is a wonderful question…for my family it has become significant for it to be the biblical Sabbath – there is a sense of being in communion with G_d’s people of the past several thousand years…to think that we are just continuing on the process of creation by participating in the seventh day’s rest.

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