Today’s Blessing (3.31)

  • Mm Mm Good
  • G_d is good!
  • Blessed are You, O’LORD our G_d, King of the Universe, Creator of all things for the warmth of  sunshine in the morning, for the warmth of coffee, for the warmth of conversations with friends and family.

    I’ve discovered over time that the most meaningful of blessings are the ones that I typically take for granted – or worse…I somehow believe that they aren’t worth blessing G_d for. On days that I strive to offer up a blessing for the mundane, inconsequential, or the norm – my day quickly experiences a metamorphosis into something extraordinary, significant, even the exception to the rule.

    This process reminds me of the moment when G_d spoke blessings into the dark and formless void – seeing the potential for the desolate and empty in order to create the good and substantial. Today I’m thinking about the warmth of our sun – And G_d said, “Let there be light…and it was good” – AMEN.

    What are your blessings for G_d today?

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