Today’s Blessing (4.01)

Blessed are You, O’LORD our G_d, King of the Universe, Creator of all things that You have surrounded Your people with a ‘great cloud of witnesses’ to offer us companionship and direction upon the path. You, O’LORD, have kept my every need in mind. You are good! AMEN

I’ve been so blessed by men and women throughout my life that have provided me direction and aid. These dear people have done it through their writings, their families, their words, and their love and mercy. I often find that I’m unaware of this process and take for granted those people that have trail-blazed before me. Every now and again it is necessary for us to express our gratitude to them for their work in our lives…many may not even know the impact that they have had – they so need to be told by you and I of our appreciation and admiration. So don’t just sit here…go give your cloud some lovin’

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