Today’s Blessing (4.03)

Blessed are You, O’LORD our G_d, King of the universe, Creator of all things that you bring the rains of spring to cleanse and wash away the decay of winter. May Your rain continue to fall to bring both cleansing and new growth. You are Holy – You are G_d Almighty.

Spring is a time of mixed feelings for me. I struggle during the winter months with depression so I look forward to any sign of spring – it quite literally, in the gray mid-west, is the light at the end of the dim winter tunnel. With spring comes the hope of sunshine and warmth – but not until after the early season rains. With spring comes the hope of new life – but not until after the rotted leaves of the previous fall are washed away or consumed back into the earth. Much of life seems to be like spring – a time of hope but an arduous journey to get there.

Muddy shoes will give way to bare-feet in green grass…what muddy shoes of today will become the bare-feet in green grass, for you, tomorrow? May we learn to splash in the puddles, dance in the rain, and make way for the sunshine.

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