Riding My Bike

I love the weather warming up – getting to stand in the sun – enjoying the breeze and the smell of outside. Sometimes I forget what that is like…I become so used to the recycled air of my home and office – air passed through a furnace and duct work…A home’s morning breath if you will.

Now that the weather is warming up I’ll be getting my bike out more often…there is something about riding outside – not in the confines of a car. Face to face with the sun and wind.

This is how I feel at times with my faith – as if my faith is that stagnant air of winter months – passed through the mechanisms of life but never ‘fresh’ – it isn’t bad but it isn’t the stuff that causes me to breathe deeply – filling my lungs with a cleansing breath. It is the air I must endure until the spring renewal of faith.

I love that G_d’s actions within creation is referred to as His Breath and/or Wind – we usually translate this into Spirit. So I want to encourage you to breathe in deeply the Wind of G_d. Get out and enjoy the air.

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