Life in the Slow Lane

People are so amazingly creative and talented. My brother is into Parkour or Free Running (There is a difference but I’m not completely sure what the nuances are)…anyhow – When talking to him or anyone else that is moved by such things there is this deep sense of appreciation for what is around them. I also have this sense with commuting by bicycle. There is a forced ‘slow-down’ that takes place. Friends that run have also shared this experience with me.

It seems that everything around us (advertised or just exhibited) is about speeding things up…making stuff move at light-speed. I sometimes wonder if we’ve been robbed from living life in the slow lane.

The link is of some young folks into free running and their experiences with it…there is some ‘language’ that some may not like but the video is worth watching to hear how they are experiencing life.
Dream World

Why do we insist on life in the fast lane when it seems that life is better in the Slow Lane? What things do you choose to do in the slow lane?

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