42 Announcements…

So one of the projects I give to folks that I disciple is to memorize scripture. This can be done in one of three ways:

  1. The book of Deuteronomy
  2. The book of Matthew or
  3. Know what each chapter is about in the Torah or Gospels/Acts

I have decided to begin memorizing for myself the Gospels/Acts chapter by chapter. So here is my ‘sentence’ for each of the first 4 chapters. [Note: I made them in such a way that I can remember the most about the chapter as possible.] See if you can follow my thinking:


  1. Forty-two announcements of Immanuel according to Joseph.
  2. Too wise men send the family on vacay to Egypt while Herod fills the Nile…then off to Nazareth.
  3. The stylish voice of John the B meets Jesus and his proud Father.
  4. Jesus and The Satan play dress up as David and Goliath before Jesus gets to work with four of his bros; everyone lives happily ever after.

You picking up what I’m laying down? I believe this to be an invaluable process for knowing the Text. I’ll post more of my ‘sentences’ here as I go. Want to join in? Post your sentences.

Love to hear from you.

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