Great questions on the ethics behind our clothing (and fabrics)…Thoughts?


Dear all,

I had found it very much so a joy and amazing moment as I created my first several scarves out of recycled t-shirts and material.  I would like to further explain the meaning behind my t-shirt scarf, but before I begin I need to explain and confess that I am struggling with further sewing projects.  My struggle is not in the creation of the projects, but more so the ethical nature behind the projects.  The t-shirt scarf was a way around these ethical struggles that I internalize by being local, a form of upcycling/recycling/being green, treating all workers (me) fairly, cleaning out my closet space, and wearing a bunch of sentimental t-shirts all at once.

I suppose when one thinks of fabric, the green ethics are somewhat ignored.  We typically think about using alternative fuels, transportation, eating a local and plant based diet, and refraining from using plastic…

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