A conversation on the Incarnation

I’ve had a wonderful conversation this evening with a dear friend who is a deep and beautiful thinker. My friend was pondering Incarnational theology (Jesus as G_d in the flesh – as opposed to ‘just’ a man) and kindly allowed me to participate in the discussion. I was asked why I believe in the incarnation – this was my answer.

When I add up all the narrative and imagery of scripture – from Adam’s betrayal in the Garden to Abraham’s Blood Path with G_d, To the binding of Isaac, Noah and the flood, to the beauty of the Exodus story, David and Goliath, the Prophets, etc. There is this thread that elegantly runs through it of G_d’s deep involvement – His movement in and through His creation and those that’s hearts are bent towards Him.

When adding up the sum of these stories alongside the character of G_d – I see the picture that it paints – and it IS Jesus.

Jesus is the encapsulation of all the story of mankind and all the story of G_d in one – He is fully mankind and fully the Way of G_d – this to me is THE Truth I’ve come to believe.

I’m grateful for these kinds of conversations because they help me to put some of my thoughts and beliefs in writing for the first time. I’m excited about this way of viewing the Incarnation and think I may do some additional work on it. What are your thoughts?

4 thoughts on “A conversation on the Incarnation

  1. I hesitate to comment on such a mind-blowing concept as the “Incarnation” – but encouraged by your beautiful thoughts I feel inspired to try. Thank you for your post Pastor. Your use of the word “encapsulation” is fitting as Christ gathers what He created to fulfill a mission of complete sacrifice borne out of perfect love. There also seems to be mysterious and eternal aspect of Christ’s incarnation from the very moment of His sinless conception that invites hearts bent towards God an ultimate opportunity to partake in. Colossians 1:24 allows these transformed hearts to unite in Christ’s worthy sacrifice so as to allow their suffering a chance to raise their cross in sublime trust. Christ’s total encapsulation from sinless conception offers a complete human experience so as to even redeem unintentional miscarriage or intentional destruction of an aborted life through the unwavering persecution of adulthood. Christ incarnation is true, incorruptible life possessed by God that is generously offerred to His creation in the words of Jesus in John 11:24-26:”..“I am the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in me will live, even though they die; and whoever lives by believing in me will never die. Do you believe this?”
    Therefore, I join you Don with an irresistible “yes” in saying I too believe in the incarnation!
    Shine on friend!
    His, Chris

  2. The Blood Path with Abraham, exploring that more has really helped the idea of the Incarnation in a much more logical and beautiful way. Not only did God set it up from the beginning, but showed His faithfulness to His people by providing Himself when His people needed Him most in a way that would transcend time.

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