Dabbling in Discipleship

I’m thinking about doing a few posts on discipleship and so began to get some of my thoughts out in the video above.

I believe that discipleship is the key to the church and has been ignored or neutered in most of our faith communities. I’d love to have you ask some questions or share some of your own experience(s) with discipleship so that I can continue to grow in my understanding(s). If you post a question I will try and answer it – and may even make another discipleship video based on 1 or more of those questions.

Feel free to leave a comment/question here or on my FB page or email me at: don.schiewer@gmail.com

3 thoughts on “Dabbling in Discipleship

  1. Romee

    My biggest struggle in learning discipleship has been learning that 1. I can answer questions too! and 2. Christianity is not a religion of answers.
    I used to think that if someone knew more than me, my answers should be put aside and that if i could only find the right answers all my problems would be solved.
    Few will ever do a complicated math problem that a mathematician has done for them and the same is true of theology. Once the mathematician has finished the answer will fill the world….. e=mc2 and “Body piercings saved my life”

    1. Romee

      What I’ve found instead is that Christianity is a relationship, which means even the deepest answers are full of mystery. And the answers themselves don’t really matter except maybe to encourage me to go on. But how to share such a find always alludes me….

  2. Thanks Don. You know my Dad is a mathematician and whenever I had a problem to solve his typical reply was,”struggle with it…” There are many struggles a Christian must face and hopefully overcome. I realized something this morning during a Bible study while someone was explaining how they want to know Jesus more intimately. I realized my discipleship should not only account for the cost and why before traveling towards the open arms of my Messiah, but I must be willing to see myself less dimly through the repentant lens to better understand forgiveness. Colliding with my desperate need for redemption allowing to further understand some depth of my forgiveness continues to overwhelm a personal faith that may weaken. Discipleship wears a cloak of long-suffering and restlessness that awaits to be exchanged for robes dipped in the blood of the Lamb….which is quite a bit more than the teary-eyed, love-sick heart running towards an “altar call” while their favorite Casting Crowns song is playing…uggh. However, maybe those wonderful emotional moments of repentance are a useful hallway leading to a door that may open to deeper, mature worship experience.

    Maybe there is a decent bumper sticker out there that showing Jesus gasping His final words “It is finished” but the thought balloons of Mary and John saying,””yes..but for us it just begun.”


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