No longer wearing the label: Christian

Recently an article appeared in Rolling Stone in regards to Mumford and Sons’ lead singer and how/if he identified himself as a Christian (LINK)…this led to a discussion amongst some of my dearest friends and fellow arm-chair theologians.

Marcus Mumford of Mumford and Sons

We debated and debated…and, frankly, I was torn on whether it was good or bad to shed the term ‘Christian’ though I personally wasn’t feeling compelled to do so. I couldn’t decide.

It is so good when a ‘simple’ statement helps provide a shift in thinking. I often find myself disappointed with what the ‘label’ of Christian has come to mean in our world…how it doesn’t reflect me or my life. Thanks to a friend’s words I’ve come to see that if I truly believe I’ve been adopted into this family through Jesus…

Christian is NOT a label but rather it is my NAME. Thanks Chris for the beautiful reminder.

**Edit** Here is a poem on this topic from Chris (I highly recommend his blog)

I AM the resurrection and the Life,
He answers the question I never asked,
Adoption looms before my eyes,
This Christian within is soon unmasked.
This history of baggage,
Is the cross I carry,
This bride to be,
Waits to marry…

Yet I journey,
Following Christ,
“Christian” is my namesake,
Humility burns bright…
A contradiction like His cross,
Well clothed in original sin,
This scion grafted within God’s life line,
Will give rise to a bloom this world calls “Christian.”

By Chris Clody 4/4/2013

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