The Way of Evangelism

When people (often) talk about evangelism it is about people NEEDING to be ushered into The Kingdom. What if it wasn’t so much about people needing to be a part of The Kingdom of Heaven as it is important for The Kingdom of Heaven to have people become a part of it? Let that sink in a moment.

What if we shifted the focus from getting people IN to The Kingdom – to The Kingdom being made better with each new person. A new voice is added to the choir. A new creation added to the repertoire.

It is just a slight shift…but, I believe, a significant one. It is significant because:

THIS is Hospitality…the acknowledgment that what is already mine (The Kingdom of Heaven) is made better when others have access to it!

May we welcome the stranger into our midst – like Abraham (Genesis 18) and treat The Kingdom as a place to extend hospitality unlike Genesis 19 (Ez. 16.49). With each new resident The Kingdom gets better.

Do you believe welcoming the other (and their voice) can allow The Kingdom to grow and flourish in our midst?

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