I Hate the Cross

The Cross / The Cross / The Cross

I believe the event on that hill changed history…a new era of G_d’s relationality within His Creation…BUT we’ve reduced it to being a credit card. Shouldn’t it only be one of the symbols of the salvific process of G_d?

We speak of the cross as if it were the thing of power! The cross was (is) a heinous tool to establish fear within the oppressed – the cross doesn’t redeem – it has no powers – it is a wooden stake meant for death. If Jesus was killed by firing squad would the rifle be our symbol of hope (NRA would love that!)

First hearers of this story would see the irony of the cross – the thing that was so familiar and terrifying to the people in Rome –> That which brought about death and decay –> That which threatened Israel to submit or die –> That which ruled the nightmares of mothers, fathers, and their children –> Death on display as a threat against disobedience! It was HELL HERE AND NOW –> the first hearers HATED the cross! Yet the event that took place upon that tool of destruction leads to resurrection living and hope.

I HATE the cross! The cross is still in our midst today…it is those things that threaten me and others in order to oppress us – fear mongering still keeps the masses in bondage and submission. The tools have changed but the tactics remain the same.

The beauty of Jesus was His willingness to stand up against the threat even if it killed Him – therefore, standing up agains the threat even if it kills me –> that is what I desire…that is the courage I get from the death of the Messiah. I desire to “take up my cross and follow” Him.

The killing machine can only break my flesh – my LORD defends and preserves my soul. He stood up and against that which oppressed His people, His Creation.

I HATE the cross and I will fight against it my entire life…Just like my Savior. What are the crosses of the world today? What are the things that strike fear in us in order to keep order? What are the things that cause oppression, death and decay in our world?

May we “take up our cross and follow” Him…NOT because we ‘love’ the cross but because we HATE it!

4 thoughts on “I Hate the Cross

  1. Thank you, very good post. It’s (more than) time to reconsider certain inheritances from yesteryear and the idiomatic use of “the cross” is one of them. Holding “crusades” is another…

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