>A Thought on Sin

>This is a page where I am looking to begin an ongoing dialogue (or very possibly – monologue) about the topic of Falling Short (Romans 3.23) about fair wages (Romans 6.23) in regards to our life and relationship to G_d.

We’ve reduced sin to a single analogy in our current church settings; that of debt…I want to suggest that first we must consider a biblical understanding of debt (Leviticus 25) and its forgiveness (Matthew 18.21-35) – and how that affects the way that we treat those indebted to us (Matthew 6.9-15). In addition to a biblical lens for debt – I also want to look at other analogies used within the Text to imagine sin (ie. a burden to be carried – 1 Peter 2.24; Isaiah 43.24b-25).
We would not consider allowing our understanding of G_d to be wrapped up in one analogy – we need multiple (shepherd, father, creator, strong-tower, mother hen, etc…) images in order to begin to piece together who He is! Therefore I assert that when we discuss a topic such as sin that we do not allow ourselves to be duped into thinking we have a full understanding because of a single analogy (most usually that of debt)…
I am looking to use biblical Texts to challenge and expand our current Theology of Sin; I am hoping for healthy/civil/intelligent debate and discussion on this topic…please join me in this discussion – the future hope is that of a book or essay on the topic.