My Feet, My Prayer

Don Schiewer, Jr.

For much of my life, growing up in the church, prayer had a very specific context. Prayer was: head bowed, hands folded, eyes closed and if I were feeling especially introspective I would drop to my knees…maybe even lay on my face. I found myself to be quite the scatter brained person of prayer. I struggle to stay focused…remain on task…and often I struggled to even just remain awake.

I was/am a failure at being a prayer warrior (as my church was fond of calling it). War, apparently, was quite boring and I found myself becoming numb (physically and emotionally) as I pled with G_d to end my plight of needing to continue this incessant vigil. Yet, here I was in a place that deeply valued prayer so much so that those who were the most capable amongst us were held in high regard as our warriors! I am still…

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How I Pray With My Feet

Wonderful Post! May we all pray with our feet!

With My Whole Life

ImageI love cities because they lend themselves to walking.  And getting the morning basics like eggs and milk never requires a car ride, but a simple walk across the street in flip flops.  I was reminded of that some time ago when I was at Grand Rapids looking for a good cup of coffee.  The closest cup was at a mall located across the expressway, and there seemed to be no way to get there by foot.  So my wife and I played a risky game, bobbing and weaving across a highway to satisfy a serious coffee “jones”.

Walking can be a meditative practice, too.  It helps me to pray in “real time”.  And in the city (or even during a good hike north of the city) it can also become a multi sensory prayer experience.

When I step out of my apartment building I’m greeted by the usual heavy…

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