What is a Faith Community? One Guy’s Opinion!


Christian Community is the moment in time and space where divine hospitality reigns. Where we are greeted by those who will wash our feet, feed our hunger, quench our thirst, visit us in our prison cells. Christian Community breaks down – privacy fences, attached garages, and our consumerism…replaces it with interdependency (not co-dependency). It is a place where our shortcomings are celebrated and covered through other’s strengths. It is a place where others sit in our brokenness – not to fix us but to be present with us. It is a place where we declare the world is better because their is another voice at the table, another perspective on the Text, another prayer being issued.

Christian Community is a place that confessions are heard, accepted, and forgiven. Where wounds are given an opportunity to heal in the healthiest of ways. Where life is life because it is lived in the midst of others. Christian Community is a place where Christ always stands central to the ways in which we see one another, care for one another, love one another.

Christian Community can’t be defined by comparing gatherings of people but rather it is defined by the unity of mind, soul, and strength in being bent towards G_d with one another. Not going it alone – instead going it as the people of G_d ushering forward the Kingdom on Earth as it is in Heaven.

We do this by being present – fully present – with one another. Time and Space are two areas we are taught are ours to manage and guard – it is only when we are willing to give these away to the others around us…to give them up by welcoming others in…that we will ever begin to taste community. Hospitality is the idea that what is mine, is made better when you are present.

What would you add?