Waiting to be Discovered…

I have a real fondness for television shows that focus on discovering the diamond in the rough. Whether this is an item in your grandparents’ attic or an unassuming bloke with a voice of gold. These shows stir something in me in regards to redemption and restoration. Obviously it is not just me because these shows are packing our stations and our binging sessions.

  • Why are we so drawn to this?
  • What makes these shows compelling?

I think a major part of it is that each of us imagines that all that needs to happen for happiness, success, and ‘life to the fullest’ is to be discovered. If only we hit the reality show lottery, then we’d be an overnight sensation; a diamond in the rough! Is this truly reality? Will we ever be discovered?

  • What if we were to recognize that we were ‘discovered’ long ago?!?
  • How would our lives look if we lived as though the ‘discovery’ has already happened?

I’m convinced that each of us has, indeed, been discovered. Faith is built upon this assumption. Abraham Heschel wrote a wonderful book (one of many) titled: “G_d in Search of Man” — this book helps illuminate the idea of G_d’s pursuit and ultimately G_d’s ‘discovering’ us! Now what?

  • Once discovered…then what?
    • What’s our next step?
    • Where do we go now?
  • What’s the role of the one that discovered us?

I’d imagine if I were ‘discovered’ by a talent scout…I’d probably become their disciple and shape my decisions, actions, and words upon their recommendations and guidance. This would be obvious…a ‘no-brainer.’ Yet this is so far from where most of us go when it comes to our obedience and movements in G_d and faith.

  • Why?

Does it effect anything when we believe we ‘deserve’ to not just be ‘discovered’ but also that we are entitled to happiness, success, and life to the fullest. I also believe these things to be true but I believe they require our work & dedication and then we sit back and wait to reap the rewards of our pricelessness.

  • How have we gotten here?

In many ways the church has become the friend or family member that tells you you’re an amazing singer while closing the bathroom door to avoid hearing you perform. It’s not that the talent isn’t there but rather it needs to be honed, refined, disciplined. But we shy away from these hard truths in order not to hurt feelings and to maintain power.

  • Sometimes I wonder if we are holding out for a better scout!

The current ‘scout’ will require too much change, too much work, too much improvement. An internal, eternal, moral rollercoaster that shaping us into our ‘sensation’!

Sometimes it’s easier to just watch vicariously through the TV in comfort of our pajamas and ice-cream bowls.

We’ve been discovered – Now what are we going to do?

Discipleship — Dedication — Devotion

The Worst Seats in the House

Sometimes I feel like an intruder in the church world. Whether it be ministry or biblical understanding…defending discipleship and the commitment to the Scriptures.

How did these pillars of the faith become the columns believed to be blocking our view? What happens to the people of G_d when our focus is shifted away from these things…trying to see around them in order that we might catch a glimpse….but of what, I wonder? I’d argue that we don’t know what it is that we believe our obstructed view is of.

We shift in our seats, trying to see – asking those around us if they can see any more clearly – yet we don’t know what! We tell stories about what might be out there, dreaming about what we’re missing and how we might eventually see…if only we could figure out how to see, in spite of these pillars.

What happens when we realize that the pillars are how we see? We musn’t figure out how to see around them to something else…but, rather they compel us to look up to that which they hold.


Will the view change when we see the pillars for the beauty and value that they are? That which the LORD rests his reign upon. May we gaze upon the pillars of Scripture and Discipleship so we can more clearly see the very throne of G_d.


Dabbling in Discipleship

I’m thinking about doing a few posts on discipleship and so began to get some of my thoughts out in the video above.

I believe that discipleship is the key to the church and has been ignored or neutered in most of our faith communities. I’d love to have you ask some questions or share some of your own experience(s) with discipleship so that I can continue to grow in my understanding(s). If you post a question I will try and answer it – and may even make another discipleship video based on 1 or more of those questions.

Feel free to leave a comment/question here or on my FB page or email me at: don.schiewer@gmail.com