Moral Blackholes


It occurred to me this morning that within life there are space(s) where Moral Blackholes exist. You know the place(s)! If not, let me give you an example:

I hear many a Christian express how morality of our culture is going out the window…how the world is “heading to hell in a handbasket”…how this generation is worse than the previous…blah, blah, blah. Maybe you say such things…but then this high moral individual enters The Moral Blackhole (make sure you read that with an ominous voice)…a place that makes the Twilight Zone seem normal…a place that makes the Bermuda Triangle seem like a great vacation destination…a place where the moral code is lost in translation.

For every person this is probably a different space/place but the one that seems to be a common MB is when behind the wheel of a car. Speed Limit – pshh – I scoff at speed limits! Stop signs – don’t tell me how to live my life! No stopping zones – need not apply! School Zones – kids are fast and like to dodge things!

An automobile is a fascinating device – one that can take the highest Moralist and reduce them to driver of said handbasket. Now cars are not the only MB out there – it just seemed like one that most of us could relate to.

Top Ten:
10. Punctuality
9. Office Supplies
8. Tipping at restaurants
7. Shortcuts on the Job
6. Coupons (one per visit)
5. Downloading music/movies/software
4. When someone upsets us first (retaliation)
3. Wrong Change/Wrong Price (and we realize it)
2. Taxes
1. Driving
What items did I miss? What would you list as the top ten (or at least top few)?

What are your Moral Blackholes? Why do we make exceptions? Why will most of us respond defensively to this question (especially if it comes to driving)?