Today’s Blessing (4.03)

Blessed are You, O’LORD our G_d, King of the universe, Creator of all things that you bring the rains of spring to cleanse and wash away the decay of winter. May Your rain continue to fall to bring both cleansing and new growth. You are Holy – You are G_d Almighty.

Spring is a time of mixed feelings for me. I struggle during the winter months with depression so I look forward to any sign of spring – it quite literally, in the gray mid-west, is the light at the end of the dim winter tunnel. With spring comes the hope of sunshine and warmth – but not until after the early season rains. With spring comes the hope of new life – but not until after the rotted leaves of the previous fall are washed away or consumed back into the earth. Much of life seems to be like spring – a time of hope but an arduous journey to get there.

Muddy shoes will give way to bare-feet in green grass…what muddy shoes of today will become the bare-feet in green grass, for you, tomorrow? May we learn to splash in the puddles, dance in the rain, and make way for the sunshine.

Today’s Blessing (4.01)

Blessed are You, O’LORD our G_d, King of the Universe, Creator of all things that You have surrounded Your people with a ‘great cloud of witnesses’ to offer us companionship and direction upon the path. You, O’LORD, have kept my every need in mind. You are good! AMEN

I’ve been so blessed by men and women throughout my life that have provided me direction and aid. These dear people have done it through their writings, their families, their words, and their love and mercy. I often find that I’m unaware of this process and take for granted those people that have trail-blazed before me. Every now and again it is necessary for us to express our gratitude to them for their work in our lives…many may not even know the impact that they have had – they so need to be told by you and I of our appreciation and admiration. So don’t just sit here…go give your cloud some lovin’

Today’s Blessing (3.31)

  • Mm Mm Good
  • G_d is good!
  • Blessed are You, O’LORD our G_d, King of the Universe, Creator of all things for the warmth of  sunshine in the morning, for the warmth of coffee, for the warmth of conversations with friends and family.

    I’ve discovered over time that the most meaningful of blessings are the ones that I typically take for granted – or worse…I somehow believe that they aren’t worth blessing G_d for. On days that I strive to offer up a blessing for the mundane, inconsequential, or the norm – my day quickly experiences a metamorphosis into something extraordinary, significant, even the exception to the rule.

    This process reminds me of the moment when G_d spoke blessings into the dark and formless void – seeing the potential for the desolate and empty in order to create the good and substantial. Today I’m thinking about the warmth of our sun – And G_d said, “Let there be light…and it was good” – AMEN.

    What are your blessings for G_d today?