Today’s Blessing & a thought about Discipleship

Blessed are You, O’LORD, our G_d, King of the Universe, Creator of all things – that You would give us the joy of discipleship, that You would allow us to participate in the training up of Your people.

Today reminded me of the beauty of our call to discipleship. I am always refreshed and encouraged by the people that G_d has surrounded me with and allowed me to disciple. I pray that we can become a faith community that pursues discipleship in the ‘Great Commission’ and not just converts.

Blessed are You…

LORD – Blessed are You, O’LORD, our G_d, Creator of the universe…thank you for Your Text which expresses Your concern and love for Your Creation.

Blessed are You, O’LORD, our G_d, Creator of the universe…thank you for family which demonstrates the need and beauty for living communally.

Blessed are You, O’LORD, our G_d, Creator of the universe for allowing us to participate in Your communal plan for the redemption of Your Creation.

Grab Hold of Me

LORD – You are so good! Your love endures forever!
Thank You for Your faithfulness – Your graciousness…
Thank You for being slow to anger and quick to forgive!
Thank You, LORD, for taking notice of me – for being my comfort and my rest, my strong-tower, my rock, my living      water, my father, my shepherd, my judge, my shield, my everything.
LORD – Let me be Your servant, Your child, Your bride, Your follower, Your disciple…
LORD – grab hold of me – pull me from the stormy sea…that I may stand with You upon the chaos – show me the way to True freedom that I may help others to know these things.
LORD – Please grant me Wisdom! Wisdom for understanding Your Word, for demonstrating Your Justice and Mercy, Wisdom (Your Wisdom) for freeing others from the oppression in which they find themselves. Wisdom to be a part of Your redemptive ways in and amongst Your Creation.
HOLY, HOLY, HOLY is the LORD G_d Almighty! Forever and ever! AMEN!