>Sabbatical from Sin


It has been an interesting few (several) months – I haven’t had (made) time to continue my studies and writings on sin…but I’ve continued to be engaged by the topic.

I have discovered through many conversations, with many wonderful people, that without sin – Christianity is dead! (note my tongue-in-cheek reference to James) I find this concept fascinating…people can’t fathom a faith that is not based and steeped in the total depravity of man! A faith that doesn’t hinge on sin. Don’t get me wrong – I believe that sin is a topic that needs to be discussed – but not be the lynch pin of our faith! That is the place that is reserved for G_d.

What would it look like if we were truly satisfied with a faith that hinged on love, mercy, and justice.

Sin is indeed a reality but LOVE is the propellant that should compel us towards G_d. A place where there is healing, hope, and wholeness. We don’t NEED sin to see that a life rooted in the Justice of G_d is a better way to live.

It has been an interesting stretch of conversations – covering the landscapes of doctrine and denominations – that has led me to see that we’ve taken our eyes off G_d and set our attention squarely on a theology of sin – a sinology if you will!

May we begin to see the value of love, mercy, and compassion as the fuel of our faith – and leave sin alone!

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