Noach (Gen 6.8 – 11.32)

The flood waters came…

We are not very far into the story when this sobering statement is made. The creation has confused itself with the Creator and now a great cleansing is needed. Man, whom God had formed with His own hands, went from being the caretaker of the altar to the enemy of the Holy One. The earth was searched and there was only one, only one righteous – though God is sure to express, “righteous in his own generation.” This man, Noah, was commanded to create a vessel of salvation – an ark (which we will hear echoed in the Moses story).

Rain begins to fall – for the very first time. The separation between earth and water is seemingly being undone. The breath of life is being taken back. Man’s dominion over nature is beginning to turn and nature wants, and will get revenge. It appears that the very breath of God that calmed the chaos, in Genesis 1, is being swept away in the flood.

Death surrounds this life-preserver, but once again we see something “hovering over the water” – over the void and formless creation flooded with the regrets of God. The creation narrative is happening yet again – the breath (wind) of God, land and water [re]separating, a command to be fruitful and multiply – God, indeed, has not given up on us. The baptism completed – creation has been cleansed, redeemed, and reconciled. 

3 thoughts on “Noach (Gen 6.8 – 11.32)

  1. Jestine

    Is Noach a real word, or are you combining Noah with Ruach (breath, spirit)? What a haunting thought you posted. Creation is nothing now compared to it’s original glory before sin entered the world, yet we see it as amazingly beautiful in our fallen eyes. Thanks for sharing.

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