Turn My Heart Towards You

LORD – Blessed be Your Name! Turn my heart towards You – let Your face shine upon me! G_d, You are to be glorified – help me LORD…may I sanctify Your Name (Lev. 22.32)! May You be lifted up (Jn 12.32)!

LORD – Help me to not seek the glory and honor that belongs to You (Ps. 89.17) – You alone (Deut. 6.4)! An honor and privilege to be used by You – may Your will be done (Mt. 6.10) and not my own (Lk 22.42)!

LORD – You are to be praised (1 Chr 29.10-13)…all honor and glory bows at the feet of Your throne! Thank You for Your eternal presence!

LORD – That I might bless You today – that I might honor You today – that I might glorify You today – that I might lift Your Name on high today – AND FOREVERMORE!

You are so good – Your love endures forever. AMEN.

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