Tomorrow’s Today

I always loved the quote, “The best part about waiting until tomorrow is that it never gets here!” Yet so much of life seems to be focused on Tomorrow’s Today – we spend so much of our life living for it. Much of my life is spent preparing (sermons, meetings, discipling, etc.) for things that aren’t the now – In fact I’m not certain I even understand the concept of “daily bread”.

So much of life is spent elsewhere; so little is spent right here, right now…why? Even while in the middle of meetings we are always checking emails, text messages, facebook, calendar appts. – none of which are present (physically or within time).

Are we afraid of the present? Are we afraid of who we are now! Not who we hope to become but rather who we are right now. When our focus remains in Tomorrow’s Today we always have the opportunity to become something else…someone else. Why?

What if we started believing that we are perfectly suited for Today’s Today? That doesn’t mean that we are flawless but rather we are simply complete – right now. Tomorrow we will have learned and grown (in some way) therefore becoming complete for that day, but if we are always waiting for Tomorrow’s Today we will never arrive…never be (or feel) complete – we will live in the perpetual when of Tomorrow.

This isn’t really meant to be anything that anyone else will understand – just what I needed to be reminded of Today.

Today I am me.
We’ll have to wait and see about tomorrow!

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